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Fibre Network

We have broken ground on the mammoth task which is providing our new fibre network to the Holiday Park.

As part of these works, trenches are being excavated to lay cable, then backfilled in the same day. This work is going to be completed in sections, so as to reduce the disturbance to the Holiday Park as a whole.

This does mean that there will inevitably be days on which access to your Holiday Home will not be possible.

As we ask every year, please call or email ahead of your planned day trip to ensure that you will have access to your Holiday Home. We have deemed the most effective way to ensure your safety is to temporarily disable your barrier passes. You will be asked to sign in and out at Reception, to have your barrier pass re-enabled for your visit. We don’t want to have to turn you away and cause a wasted journey, however we reserve the right to do so should granting access be considered a matter of health and safety.

The first section to be affected by this works is Newlands View.

These major works will of course have a large impact on the ground and aesthetics of the Holiday Park which we hope you will recognise as a short term compromise for the long term enjoyment of effective WiFi.

I have included below some answers to Frequently Asked Questions to give some further information about the fibre installation.



• There is no direct cost for the installation nor ongoing usage of the fibre network. This will be covered by your site fees which are reviewed annually in December.

• The existing WiFi will be disconnected after a number of months.

• There are currently no plans to revisit installing to individual Holiday Homes should you decide you want it at a later date.

• The router that will be fitted internally will be a comparative size to a normal WiFi router. The router will be wall mounted with screws.

• The utility box will be placed next to your gas and electric meters where possible

• The router will in most cases be installed through the floor of your holiday home, and behind the TV unit where this is in the conventional location (i.e. the far left corner). This will likely not use an existing hole e.g. for an aerial.

• There is no option for Owners to request a particular location for their router nor hole for cable; due to the number of Holiday Homes it is not possible for us to accommodate individual requests.

• If we do not have permission to enter your holiday home during the winter period without you being present, the fibre will not be installed. No special cases will be considered.

• If you have arranged for any other groundworks to be completed over the winter, please note the fibre installation will take priority.