WiFi Service Expectations

VIP Owners' Information Portal


WiFi connectivity is available throughout the accommodation and facilities areas of the park.

Our intention of service is to provide reasonable and reliable connection throughout the accommodation and facilities areas of the park for the purposes of light internet browsing and checking emails.

Whilst we are delighted to be able to offer free Wi-Fi to our Holiday Home Owners, we also need to ensure the experience of the service is consistent, reliable and fair for all. With this in mind, you can expect the following:

  • Adequate bandwidth for streaming music and standard definition video on your device.
  • Internet browsing and email access (low bandwidth internet services).

However, you should not expect the following as they are not supported:

  • A reliable and consistent Online Gaming or Media Streaming experience.
  • Warranties or service level assurances.

Guarantees of consistent speed during peak times. Although, you should always have a stable connection from within core facilities & Reception.

Service black spots will be investigated with Lulworth Estate owned equipment to confirm if the network is within original working parameters.
Best endeavours will be made to resolve black spots without additional cost to owners.

If 50% coverage is already achieved and you would like additional coverage, further options can be discussed to improve the service.

To request assistance with the WiFi service, please e-mail durdle.door@lulworth.com and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions
Please accept that sometimes, for technical, legal or operational reasons, the service may not be available. Your use of the Wi-Fi service is at your own risk and we are not responsible to you for any damages, losses, costs or expenses you suffer because the Wi-Fi service is unavailable, does not operate as expected or causes loss or damage to any data.