Team Spotlight: Housekeeping

Housekeeping jobs at Durdle Door

Why work at Durdle Door?

Our Housekeeping team is a busy group of people who all have the same qualities in common: they are hardworking, flexible and capable people from all walks of life. We have a large corps of seasonal team members as well as our core team who work all year round. This reflects the Holiday Park open season and the Lulworth Holiday Cottages which are let over the winter too.

Each individual has their own strengths and individual responsibilities, and all our day-to-day tasks are hugely varied and can involve cleaning Holiday Homes, Skylight Cabins and Camping Pods, pubs and restaurants, end-of-tenancy cleans, as well as large luxury Holiday Cottages both in Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door and near to Lulworth Castle.

Durdle Door and the surrounding Lulworth Estate sees 1 million visitors over the year, mostly condensed into the summer. And this number is only growing! As Holiday Park housekeeping team members we must match the high expectations of our guests and ensure that everyone has the very best possible experience of Durdle Door Holiday Park. Whether they are first time visitors or come to stay year after year, we know that our guests love staying with us because of our high standards. Of course, with the current pandemic our standards have been stepped up in line with government guidelines.

When you step into the housekeeping Hub, you’ll often find a hive of activity…

A day in the life of a housekeeping team member

Fantastic Cleanliness at Durdle Door

Harriet is a Team Leader who started working with us at the beginning of the summer season in 2019. And now we can’t imagine life without her!

Usually coming in around 8:30am to prepare for the day ahead, Harriet will start by refilling bottles of cleaning products to be used by the whole team for the day. One team will head to the touring block while Harriet briefs her small team about what is needed for the list of accommodation units they have been assigned for the day.

Park Facilities at Durdle Door

Harriet works hard on a daily basis to ensure all her units are cleaned to the very best of standards, completing the relevant checklists to ensure compliance with covid-precautions. The WhatsApp chat is constantly pinging with updates from across the whole team, with the odd joke here and there – often about strange things left behind in accommodation!

The team all then take a lunch break between units before completing the list promptly at 4pm.. Depending on the weather and pre-bookings, we could clean up to 7 camping pods, 4 Skylight cabins and 39 Holiday Homes all on one Friday afternoon! It can be a bit of a rush, but we try to make the process as enjoyable and sociable for the team as we can.

The day ends for most at 4:30pm, but there is an evening shift too for anything our guests may need – extra towels, a highchair, etc, and to clean the touring block.

Feedback for Durdle Door

Our cleanliness always rates very highly on our feedback forms and guest reviews.

Here are just a few snippets from our Trip Advisor reviews in 2020:

“Our caravan was absolutely spotless, very thoroughly cleaned, and all of the appliances looked brand new”

“The caravan was probably the best caravan we have ever stayed in, very modern and up to date, everything was exceptionally clean.”

“…spotless washrooms, loads of hand sanitiser in communal areas, everything clean and well presented.”

Job Vacancies at Durdle Door

Why not enquire on the Lulworth Estate website and see if we have any job vacancies? We’d love to hear from you!


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